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The story behind Dream Art Jiu Jitsu

One team - We are one

The history of our association

In 2016 Isaque Bahiense and Philip Eger met for the first time in Munich for a seminar of Isaque. At that time he was a fresh brown belt - world champion and on the way to get his black belt.

Philip was a purple belt at that time and had the wish to create better training conditions for his friends and himself in Nuremberg. One year later Isaque came to Nuremberg for the first time as a fresh black belt to train with the local team and met Björn Wallat. They exchanged ideas and had various ideas for working together, but it was not clear to anyone at the time what the future would hold.

When Isaque won the IBJJF World Championships as a black belt for the first time in 2018, he felt the desire to use his success and give other people the opportunity to realize themselves in the sport. With this in mind, he founded the Dream Art Project with his business partner Warley Pimentel. You can read more about the social project here

At the same time, Philip and Björn, together with their training partner Kilian Dütsch, realized that it was necessary to open their own Jiu-Jitsu school in order to move forward in the development of the sport. In January 2020 it was finally so far and the Gym was opened. In the same year, challenging times dawned with the Covid-19 virus pandemic, but the common vision and loyalty of the members were the decisive factors to overcome these times.

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